Sunday, January 20, 2013


I'm a firm believer in "if you don't enter, you can't win".  All my co-workers think I'm SO lucky because I win a lot of great products.  When I asked them if they ever entered, they say no.  I always reply with, "That's why people like me win, I enter EVERYTHING I see that I would want to win!"  

I know I used to think I was SO unlucky... until I realized I wasn't entering anything, so how could I win?   So now I enter EVERYTHING!

Lately, I have been the fortunate winner of some FABULOUS products! 

I wanted to feature the products, the geniuses behind them, and their blogs.  Reading teacher blogs has changed my life as a teacher for the better.  In fact, I think almost my entire $200 I get for my classroom next year will be spent on things from Teachers Notebook and/or Teachers Pay Teachers.  (Ok, so logically half will be spent on products and the other half on ink to print them out!)

Just tonight, I won this Line Plot with Fractions unit from Fourth Grade Flipper.  This is going to help SO much when we get to fractions next month! Plus its all about PIZZA, what more could my third grade class want!?!?

From The Schroder Page I won her Prize Coupons.  I can't wait to add these into our prize picks (or maybe even replace my box with coupons only) for returning homework all month long! 

From Hillary, at Rockin Teacher Materials I won her Reading Genre Posters.  So excited to hang these up in my classroom!  We have our writing genres posted, Reading Genres will be a fabulous addition!

From RUN! Miss Nelson's got the Camera I won both her Spelling and Word Work 101 and 102! I am SO excited to add these to our station time!  101 has a lot of activities that don't require many extra materials besides the words you want them to use.  102 is much more hands on, manipulative, needing extra materials (like play dough, newspapers, etc). I plan on using both in my classroom soon!  My kids will LOVE these!

From Rachel, at The Tattooed Teacher I won her Sweet Summarizing Literacy Pack.  I think I'm MOST excited about this product, because my third graders this year, just DON'T get summarizing.  So hopefully this will help!

From Nancy, at Third Grade All Stars I won her Shared Writing Journals.  My kids LOVE these and her pack had been sitting in my wishlist waiting to be purchased.  So thankful for winning this one!

From the Collaboration Cuties, I won their  Subjects and Predicates pack.  They broke their own rules to give this pack to me.  SO nice of them!  My kids are getting some excellent practice with this resource!

And Finally, (I think, if I won something from you and you're not listed PLEASE let me know.  It was an oversight on my part... I tried to go through all of my e-mails to double check but I may have deleted ones I was done with.)

way back in November  I won Jen's 600 follower giveaway at Hello Mrs Sykes! and she let us choose $20 worth of products from her TPT store!  I choose Cause and Effect Safari, Prefix and Suffix Game Collection, Author's Purpose Task Cards, Character Trait Task Cards, and her Out of this World Fact and Opinion Poster, Task Cards, and Game. These are all printed, laminated, and in use in my classroom already. 

I'm going to use a lot of the scoot games/task cards for whole group review as we get closer to test time.  My kids LOVE "playing games" because they're fun and don't feel like work! Ha! If only they realized how hard they were having to think.

As you can see I've been very blessed!  Thanks ladies for all of the wonderful giveaways and products! To all of you wishing you could win, DON'T FORGET TO ENTER!
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