Friday, January 18, 2013

Five for Friday Linky Party #2 for me

fiveforfridayLinking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again for Five for Friday

1. Proud moment today as my kiddos spread out in random groups to work on various math concepts.  All thanks to bloggers like you that make and share your stuff with people like me!  They're all SO into it!

2. Cutest stinkin' MLK Art project I've ever seen!  I mean, seriously, could they be any more different if we tried!  LOVE THEM!

3. We have now ALL finished our autobiographies.  We revised, Mr. Hogg style, and they turned our FABULOUS!  Mr. Hogg was exactly what I was needing.

4. Icon Pop Quiz app on my iPhone.  Not gonna lie... It's taken up some serious hours of my life.  Beware, you must spell things correctly!  This Megamind Icon is my fave!

5. I LOVE to crochet.  I taught myself how to do it via you tube, after an older lady showed me at an activity.  But I'm pretty good, most days!  Love how this little hat turned out for the newborn it was being given to! For those that speak crochet: its half double crochets alternating front post back post done in the round.
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