Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So here's the situation...
I won a file of a New years activity on TN. I downloaded it at school and printed it out at recess time. (We have 2 communal printers, which are actually our copy machines.) Someone came in and started talking to me when I was on my way down the hall to pick it up.  So then,  I had to get my kiddos from recess.  At lunch, I was finally able to go down to pick up and make my copies and grab my lunch from the fridge. 

On my way in another teacher was on her way out with a stack of my booklet copied for her class and said, "I borrowed your file. At least I think it was yours, you're the one whose into getting all of those cute Teachers Pay Teachers materials. Hope you don't mind."

As a matter of fact, I wanted to say, I do mind.  I mind you stealing this activity rather than asking me where I got it so you could go get it yourself.  What do I do, or say?  I'm all for sharing... I share things all of the time!  **but not when its something I paid for/won that another teacher should be making money from someone else using it. ** 

And I realize I'm mostly at fault because I shouldn't have left it at the printer.  So I'm at a loss.  What can be said/done?  I'm presenting a PD next Friday and I'm sharing some technology sites including TPT and TN.  I plan on working some discussion about how it works and copyrights.  Is that enough? 

Should I now not use the file I won? 

Should I go buy the file I won so the owner gets proper credit? 

Where is the line and how do I educate others/help others care as much as I do about robbing these fellow teacher-creators of their proper dues?

I feel AWFUL and like I did something wrong here, besides not picking it up as soon as I printed it. How many other times has this happened?  How mad will I be and what will I say when its a file I paid a lot of money for? 

Help? Advice?  Guidance? Ideas? 

I clearly need it all!
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