Monday, January 7, 2013

Author Visit

Today, we have had the amazing privilege to have author Gary Hogg speak to us.You can check out his website where he has some video and audio clips or his facebook page.

He did a training for the teachers before school started and he was SO interesting and informative! It was exactly what I was needing to get me back on the "write" track!

Then, he did a whole school assembly and I'm SO SAD I didn't have my camera in there. It was awesome. He shares excerpts from several of his books and involved some of my favorite students, now fifth graders, to help him out.

Finally, he did writing workshops for all the grade levels. He got the students to think like authors. And told them if they could think it, they could write it. See them all scratching their chins and looking at the ceiling? He also taught them how to revise their own work. He modeled how to revise with one of my students. The look she's giving him in this picture... Priceless! It was awesome!!! They loved him and were so excited to write; its all they wanted to do the rest of the day!

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