Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tell Me Something Good

I'm linking up with Jennifer from Rowdy in First Grade for her Tell me Something Good linky party.

Something good at home: My something good at home is that we finally started organizing our desk in our office.  It was a disaster.  Now at least the "to shred" pile isn't gathering dust for yet another month and our "to file" pile is organized into where it needs to be filed. 

How long do you guys keep old bills, bank/credit statements?  I'm thinking we have WAY too much paperwork!

Something good at school: My presentation to the school board not only got them excited about Study Island, but also the other teachers that were there to present and parents that were in the audience.  Plus my staff development group presentation where I worked in talking about TPT and TN copyright laws (one line, in 15 mins, but it totally worked!) went fabulously!  Yay for collaboration and sharing! 
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