Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Bulletin Board

I LOVE this craftivity from fellow blogger Ms. C at Just Wild About Teaching

This packet has turned out to be a SUPER resource for me.  We used the New Year's acrostic poem as the writing piece for the bulletin board, All the pieces so they could make themselves, some of the other activities for 'work with words' during station time, and some of her stationary for final copy paper for their autobiographies (which are priceless!). 

I'm one of those lucky girls and my mom always comes in and does my bulletin board (ok so for 4 months she came in and did my board while she lived in the area before my siblings moved in)... but my mom is gone for the next 18 months to the Nashville area.  So you get no title and no background, but these are so cute they don't need any "fluff"!

I still have 2 kids not done, but i had to get them up and this posted before January was over!  It turned out super cute and my kiddos had so much fun doing it! Seriously, LOOK at all the personalities in these faces! There aren't enough words for how much I LOVE these!

I'm so thankful for talented teacher bloggers that share their ideas with the rest of us! I hope to contribute too, eventually. (When I stop using all of your ideas and make up some of my own!)

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