Saturday, January 26, 2013

National Board Certification

I went through the process last year with the big blue monster (yes that's what I called National Board with its blue box).  I didn't achieve my national board certification by 21 points.  So, I'm redoing one entry and one assessment center.  I've chosen to redo my Social Studies entry (#2) and my Science Assessment. I guess my biggest thing is that I passed 2 of my entries with flying colors, but bombed the other 2 and with the assessment center i rocked 2 of the assessments, did alright on 2 others, but miserably failed 2 of them.  Any tips for me going forward??

I'm lucky enough to live in Arizona and we have this great resource, the AZ K-12 Center, who awarded me a full scholarship for pursuing National Board in the first place and is also providing me a scholarship to do both of my chosen retakes this year.  They provide a preview course, an introductory summer week-long session, monthly meetings while going through the process (mine were done virtually), as well as coaching Saturday sessions, and retreats.  They've got support for National Board Certification down to a science. 

How did you find support?  Where did you get ideas?  Did they just come to you?

So, how many of you are National Board Certified teachers?  What does it do for you in your district?  How many tries did it take you?
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