Friday, March 1, 2013

Math Night and Navajo Tacos

Not sure when this will show as posted, but we did this Feb, 28th and had an awesome time! My committee was fabulous and so was the food!

Oh man, did I eat we'll tonight! (Ok, let's be honest, thanks to John, I eat well EVERY night) but last night John got a day off and we didn't have to pay. I didn't take any pictures of dinner, because I was too busy eating! Sorry... But mmmm Navajo tacos are tasty!

It was math night for our school (which I was committee chair). There was SO much going on in our tiny town that (popped up all of a sudden this week) I was freaking out that all our hard work would've been for nothing.

There was a fundraiser dinner for the HS there was a community meeting with all of the big wigs from the county (which is a huge deal, in 9 years living here all these people haven't visited our little corner or the world), and it was the Blue and Gold banquet for all of the scouts ages 8-11. Seriously, we had been advertising math night since mid January. I'm not quite sure why no one else seemed to notice today's date was already taken! Oh well.

We had about 120 people show up (we have 230 students at our school) and not only eat free Navajo tacos, but who stayed and played math games and earned prizes for winning and parents learning with their kids!! It was SUCH a huge success and I'm SO proud of my committee and our planning and follow through.

Our goal for the night was to provide families with a variety of leveled games from preschool level through 6th grade using items they would most likely have in their homes already.
We had four rooms of games:
Egg cartons
Playing Cards

I was in charge of the egg carton games and plan to share the direction sheet I made at a later date. As soon as my computer will turn on, because today it just won't, at all. This could spell disaster! So, I'm posting from my phone.

Happy Friday!

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