Friday, March 22, 2013

Surviving Spring Fever Linky

I'm linking up with Mercedes over at Surfing to Success to talk about Spring FEVER!  Boy have my kiddos had the FEVER the last 2 weeks!  Sheesh! 

So, what have I been doing to curb the spring fever?  Be CONSISTENT! 

We've had LOTS of discussions and repeating of our rules the last 2 weeks. 

But the thing that works best, above all others, is Class Dojo.  Do you use it?  

As soon as my students see my cell phone come out, they know points are being given. One of my fellow teachers said, "It's like a magic wand!" and it TOTALLY is.  My kids see my phone and angels they become.  Or, if the speakers are on and they hear that "Ga-dunk" sound rather than the "ding" they shape it up quick! 

I used their reports to talk about student behavior at parent teacher conferences.  It is AWESOME. My parents loved knowing their kid was behaving 87% of the time. I love that it's practically done for me! 

Also, in my room every 2 positive Class Dojo points mean clip up or 2 negative points mean clip downs as well (they do clip up or down for other things, too, independently of Class Dojo).  My students were super excited this week because 6 of our class members finally earned 3 stars so they now have RED clips on our clip chart.  This was a HUGE motivation to the rest of the class.  

I'm sure this is old news for you all, but when I'm not consistent, then they try to push it to see how far they can get before I loose it. 

Go link up with Mercedes!  I can't wait to hear about what you do to curb spring fever! 

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