Sunday, February 24, 2013

A-Z of Teacher Me Linky Party

I'm linking up with The Polished Teacher for her A-Z of Teacher Me! Linky Party.  

A: App: Class Dojo!  Keeps my class in check wherever we are, as long as I have my phone!

B: Book Character: Fergus, from Good Boy, Fergus!  He's exactly like both westies I've owned in my lifetime and I LOVE him for it!
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C: Clip Art: I'm not addicted to clip art, I haven't ventured into making my own products for TPT yet, but I just LOVE JW Illustrations!  So cute, new to me, and modern.  I LOVE it, especially her themed sets. Look at this Wizard of Oz set, so precious!  If I ever do create a product I will be using her clip art.
D: Dollar Spot Find: Timers.  I use them ALL the time.
E: Essential To Start Day: Breakfast. I cannot survive without breakfast.
F: Font: I think this is an impossible task.  I have over 1500 fonts on my computer.  Some I like for printing things others are my favorites for cutting out with the Cameo.  Digs my Hart and Wish I Were Taller are some of the top contenders, since they're the only ones I remember the name of!
G: Game: I LOVE games.  I get kind of addicted.  Right now I'm on a Ruzzle kick. My favorite Card game is Skip Bo, board game is Clue, dice game is Yahtzee.
H: Holiday: Honestly I like EVERY holiday for different reasons.  But at school Valentine's Day is my favorite! Hands down, LOVE V-Day every year.  SO much love shown by my sweet kiddos!
I: Ice Cream: I'm an ice cream snob.  I know what I like, for sure!  This is an easy one depending on where I am and/or what brand of ice cream is available to me.  If I am on BYU campus, it is hands down a mint cookies and cream shake. I lived off of these things all those years ago as a freshman on campus! 
However, since I am rarely on BYU campus these days, it is Private Select cookies and cream or Breyers Rocky Road or Dryers Thin Mint if it's Girl Scout Cookie Season!  
J: Jewelry Piece: This was my birthday present, a complete surprise, a couple years ago.  I'm hoping to add a new one to my collection this year for my big 30th birthday and 10th anniversary.  
(Are you freaking out because you husband didn't buy you a huge 2 carat diamond ring and mine did and I'm wanting another one?   Click here and find out why I can hope he follows through!)
K: Kid-ism: Santa-tizer instead of Hand Sanitizer! Or pack pack rather than back pack. Or "I'm winning you!"
L: Location To Travel: I LOVE to travel. Especially to big cities.  Last year we went to San Francisco and Alaska.  Both I loved, both for VERY different reasons. 
M: Management Technique: My Clip Chart! It is by far the best thing to happen to my classroom this year.  It works SO well! 
N: Nail Polish: I have no idea.  Whatever looks great when I go once a year for a pedicure.  I can't paint my fingernails... it ruins them, and they are usually really nice, so I just leave them alone.
O: Open House Idea: We don't have open house before school starts rather Back to School night a week or 2 after it starts. I always type up summaries of everything I present so EVERYONE has a copy of classroom procedures and such in writing even if they can't make it.
P: Pinterest Find: My favorite Pinterest find is all of my projects I have ready to go this summer. I have my Silhouette Cameo that I never would have convinced my mom to buy if it weren't for pinterest. Plus, I am GOING to make me a maxi dress or skirt!
Q: Quote: I have so many favorite quotes.  But since my one word goal for this year is Leap, this is my current favorite.

R: Read-Aloud: Frindle 

S: School SupplySharpies!!!!
T: TPT/TN Product: I Have WAY too many to choose from, since I don't make my own, yet... maybe one day.  However, this one is the one that gets the most use in my classroom.  My kids use it all the time to spice up their writing!  LOVE it! 
U: Un-Official Hobby: Either making earrings or crocheting.

V: Video Brain Break:  If you've read any of my blog posts you know I LOVE me some Piano Guys! This one is my personal favorite.  I actually use this one in my descriptive writing lessonSo, then maybe it's not a brain break? Oh well.
W: Way To Spend A Day Off: Either in Vegas (an hour or so away)
 Or at Zion National Park (also about an hour away)
 Depends on the mood.  Do I want natural beauty or Big city with yummy food?
X: X-tra Special Blogs You ♥: I subscribe to over 200 teacher blogs alone... that's not counting the 150 or so I follow with my other email address! (Honestly, some of you are followed by me under both emails) There are some that I won't ever skip.  Some newer (to me) ones.  I haven't made any BFFs blogging yet, but I sure have those ladies I look up to!  Here are a just a few... Click on their buttons to go check them out. 
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Y: Yummy Dessert: Easiest lemon cheesecake EVER and SO Yummy.  Yes I did make this, even before Pinterest!
Z: Zoo Animal: Giant Panda
***All photos are linked to their original source unless they are my own pictures.
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