Monday, March 25, 2013


Holy COW!  Last week was a LONG one and we only had 4 days of school! The children were wild and ready to be outside all day long.  But WE survived! Together.  I sure do love my kids this year.  Thursday I had several of them asking me if I was going to retire this year.  I said, "No, You can't retire until you're 65 and I'm not even half way there yet!"  They were feeling a lot of anxiety, apparently.  For some of them, every single one of their previous teachers have retired or quit teaching.  They were extremely happy when I informed them I plan on being around for a very long time.  Others of course were terrified ;) Cute kids!

I'm feeling extremely relieved that I have no work for 5 whole days.  Thursday after school we hopped in the car for a three hour trip to Bullhead City where I attended the BEST pd I have ever been to on common core math standards.  The two presenters were both middle school teachers from Prescott and they were amazing!  LOVE them! I think it was so good because the presenters were REAL teachers with REAL kids and REAL life experience trying all of these things out.

Anyway, after the conference we got to spend the rest of the weekend with some of my most favorite people  EVER.  They used to live up here in our little town and he was our superintendent for 5 years.  Man how I miss them being just over the hill.  We stay in pretty decent contact and try to go see them often.  We adore their 5 little girls and love hanging out at their house! We had a great weekend and I always hate leaving.  However, now we get to repack for Denver, and COLD! But it's all worth it because I get to see my brother, sister in law, and my sweet niece.
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