Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lie revealed!

Like I said, only one portion of one of my truths were a lie. And it was #1. I was only 13 and not 15 when I flew to France by myself! Charles dr Gaulle is a very scary airport...FYI. Also, I've been in Spain and France at the same time and the Pyrenees mountains are gorgeous. I wish there would have been digital cameras back then.

I did meet my husband at an orientation dance where I stopped him and asked him to dance. He told me no because he was trying to find his ride home, but I insisted he dance with me. Then, we ran into each other in a random yahoo chat room, he had moved back home. We then had several conversations via instant message and over the phone. We went on our first date 7 months after that dance and I knew immediately I was supposed to marry him. 18 months later, I did! And here we are just a few months away from our 10th wedding anniversary!

And I did in fact finish up student teaching early so I could start working Nov. 1st, even though I didn't technically graduate until December or have a valid license until March.

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