Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Favorite Things

I'm linking up with Latoya again for her weekly party!  Click on the picture below to join in the fun! 

This week it's all about my favorite things!

Favorite Stores
For everything:                                        

Best Deals  Dresses for $7.00 shirts for $0.10 can't beat it!      

For Layering and Staying covered up

Best quality (as in lasts for 10+ years) cute clothes where there's ALWAYS something I MUST have!
Plus Size Clothing for Women from Lane Bryant

Favorite TV Show

I more loyally follow 'normal' TV shows now that we don't have TV than I did when we did pay for it! I usually watch an episode of which ever show while waiting for my ride every morning before school :)

Comedy: Last Man Standing

Malibu Country

Drama: The Good Wife

Blue Bloods

Favorite Sweet Treat

Ice Cream (especially BYU Creamery mint cookies and cream shakes!)

Favorite Food

Chile Relleno (this one is home made by John! he's amazing!)

The last one is favorite restaurant... however, even after asking my husband the conclusion is "It depends on what mood you're in!" I like food,  A LOT. I have several places I like to go and favorites at each of them.  However, we live in Rural America, but Vegas is an hour away. Needless to say I like the local places as well as lots of national chains.
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