Thursday, April 11, 2013

Currently in the Classroom

My students and I have been using Farley's Currently...for the classroom for the majority of the school year. They LOVE it!

A midst all of the test prep we're in the middle of, and having an AWESOME jump rope assembly during our designated art time, my bulletin board was STILL covered in leprechauns and pots of gold on Monday.

So, when we had a few extra minutes and we'd already accomplished above and beyond what I had planned to cover, Currently was the perfect time filler and fixed my bulletin board problem, at least until after AIMS testing. All the other teachers have commented about how much they love my board.  Go figure, the simplest one for me to complete this year, I get the most comments about. Thanks, Farley for a great linky each month and for the great classroom activity!!

Click here to get your own copy of Currently for the Classroom! 

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