Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Soap Box Alert

Yup, I'm doing it! Climbing up on my soap box. Please don't be offended, I'm not meaning to offend anyone!

-------soap box begins------
Please, please, please proofread your facebook and blog posts! I know we're all super busy. I know we facebook and blog on the go, but for the love of all that is good in this world... Proof your posts!

I follow over 300 blogs. Errors are bound to happen. However, there are less errors in all my other categories of blogs I read combined than in the post on a teacher blog I just read.

I will forgive one or two errors... But not 12 or 17 in one post. Yup, 17 grammatical/spelling/misuse of homophone errors in 1 single blog post (3 paragraphs or so)! We are TEACHERS! We cannot be okay with that... Can we?

I wish my brain didn't pick out all of your errors while I am reading, but it does. It places a glowing aura around each and every one of the errors. Maybe it's from 9 years of seeing/correcting errors or maybe I have some weird super power... Either way, for my sake, please proof your posts!

****Disclaimer: I also know I'm not perfect and often have errors of my own, please tell me when I do!****

Does it not drive you crazy? Do you want to know if you have errors in your post? How would you like to be told?

-----------end soap box-----------

Thanks for listening!
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