Friday, April 12, 2013

Five for Friday Linky

It's time again to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. 

1. We are in the depths of test prep this week.  But we made it SUPER fun! I have all of these task cards that we haven't had time to work into our regularly scheduled programming so we've played scoot, done classroom hunts, and we even did a hallway hunt this week.  THEY LOVED IT! We used Task cards from Hello Mrs. Sykes. Be sure to click the link under the pictures to her store. 

2. The weather is all over the place.  This was Sunday.  Monday it POURED rain. (Indoor recess, my duty day, 90 kids in my room. not awful, surprisingly!) Which would sound normal for spring, until you remember we're in AZ. It was also COLD (40ish) Monday, and Tuesday. Today it's supposed to be 90!  CRAZY 

3. Do you have a Kroger affiliate store near you?  You MUST try this ice cream. Its so yummy!  All of the Private Selection ice cream is delicious, but this might be my favorite one because it's so different.

4. These are some of the earrings my fellow teacher and I made.  We actually made a lot more this day, I don't know why I didn't take a picture of more of them.  Want to win a pair?  Follow my blog and visit this post to enter!  I will give away 5 pairs! 

5. In another attempt to make test prep fun we played "I have.... Who has?" for the first time this year. My kids LOVE it! The first time was a HUGE fail. But that's okay, because then they wanted to play again and again until they got it right. I have a bunch of these games covering various topics and will be getting some more, seeing how much they like it!

Can't wait to hear how your week was! Go link up!
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