Friday, April 26, 2013

Five For Friday April 26th


Its Five for Friday time again!  Today was our last "athletic" Friday (or Friday off school) We've gotten so used to having 2 Fridays off a month I don't know how we'll survive May.  (OK technically we will have 2 Fridays off in May because we only have 18 more school days!!!!!!)

1. So we went up to the Local Food Festival (and by local I mean in a different state, but our closest town). We tried out a ton of new places and got some REALLY yummy food! Also, the weather was perfect and I got some sun, which is a good thing!

2. The weeds in our backyard are ridiculous   They are every year.  That's what happens when your both teachers and you can't finish your back yard and you live in the desert where it isn't practical to have grass! So John, trying to be efficient, set the weeds on fire.  The weeds weren't dead enough and so it just created more work for him.  But it was a pretty ingenious idea to use the dead palm frond to spread the fire out to where he wanted it!  Tuffy and I watched from inside.

3. We had the Roos and More Zoo assembly yesterday. She is an amazing lady who just LOVES animals and she's so good to bring them out and teach us about them! Here are some of the animals she brought, I loved Can Can the toucan. The gorgeous African Cat was my favorite and the Raccoon's cousin from South America walked across a bunch of the teacher's backs (mine included).

 4.This week I chose to have students read with 1 buddy. And we read in the "dark" (as dark as it can be in a classroom with windows and a florescent light for our quick grow seeds!) I try and switch it up every week so they don't get bored with our reading time.  These two girls were chugging along.  It was a REALLY long non-fiction story this week.  A lot of my students had a hard time! But they powered through and didn't give up.  I was SO proud.

5. I've been getting my craft on a lot lately!  Here are the earrings and bracelet I made for my giveaway winners.  (Speaking of which, some of you never emailed me back!  check your spam, I need mailing addresses!!!)

 One of my co-workers is having a baby any minute now, so I made this hat,  I hope she has a girl, or I'm going to have to whip out a blue one pretty fast!  She picked out the yarn because she didn't want green or yellow, but now she's really thinking she's having a boy, so I'm a little worried! Want to make your own? Click here for the pattern from!
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