Thursday, April 25, 2013

The bad news is.....

I had grand plans about posting of our Zoo assembly today or our letters to our secretary but those will have to wait.

My school life got turned UPSIDE down this morning before school even started.

My partner in crime for the last 4 school years is quitting teaching to home school her kids again next year.

It pretty much shattered my world.

Some days she is THE ONLY reason I go to school.  She's a bright light in the darkness of the world when it gets rough.

And, I for sure felt very SORRY for MYSELF as she gave me the news.

I know this wasn't an easy decision to come to for her, but it is the right one, too.

I'm surprisingly not mad, at all.

Just a little panicked, all morning, until I found out I get to work with my mentor teacher again.  And I'm SO excited... it could have been anyone, but I'm so glad it's her.

Now to figure out what amazing gift to give her as she leaves.  I'm always big into meaningful gifts, ideas welcome!
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