Wednesday, April 10, 2013

50 follower Thank You Giveaway

I honestly can't believe that after blogging for 4 months I already have 50 of you that care about what I have to say enough to follow along! I've blogged in general for about 6 years now and never really had followers, but always felt like my voice was worth sharing but then that blog was mostly for my family who was spread out all over the world at the time!

Blogging about teaching makes me think about my teaching in a whole new way. Reading teacher blogs is why I continued teaching last year and this year. It's renewed my faith that there are other good teachers out there in the world and they have hard days, too! It's a lot of hard work, with very little credit given, if any, to all of the sweat, blood, and tears we put into our sweet kids!

So, while I'd love to give you all something, I don't really have the means to do that. I don't have a TPT or TN store with anything in it or even anything that's ready to share with anyone outside my classroom! Nor do I make my own fonts, borders, or clip art...

However, my one of my BFFs and I like to make earrings when we have some spare time. So for the 50 of you, if you live in the USA (or if you want to pay your own shipping to somewhere outside the USA), I will custom make 5 of you your very own pair of dangly earrings. Just enter below and good luck!

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