Saturday, February 23, 2013

I survived!

Wow you guys, this week, while only 3 days for me (PD on Friday) was rough!  I was already having some serious anxiety about Tuesday and my friend coming back to school and his wheel chair, the other kids, our 'sleep' party, the adults that accompany him, etc.

I COMPOUNDED that problem by taking my wrong medicine Tuesday morning.  Its a medicine I usually take at night because the side effects are tiredness, anxiety, and forgetfulness. Not things I needed Tuesday. I was kinda freaking out before I left for school, because I had basically doubled up on my dose having taken it Monday before bed, too.  Lucky for me, I'm not on a strong dose to begin with, so my doubling up was only the same amount as most people's normal doses.  But, boy my anxiety was through the roof and I'm surprised I remembered my own name! Our sped teacher was also having some sever anxiety (or so it seemed).  So, I had to hold it together.  Really, the only reason anyone figured out anything was wrong with me was because I got so flushed and HOT!  I couldn't shed my layers fast enough! I blame my fuzzy socks I wore for our sleep party! I did share with the secretary and my principal what I'd done, just in case I made anyone extremely upset with me, they could defend me ;)

Needless to say, I survived Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We still have some MAJOR communication issues to fix between the other adults and myself.  I'm a fly by the seat of my pants, go with the flow, kind of teacher.  I follow my plan, but I'm always interjecting additional activities, rearranging things, or leaving things out that we just don't need. This seems to have created a problem.  But I'm not quite sure how to fix it (cause I'm not willing to change that aspect of my teaching personality).  Hopefully next week we can iron out an actual schedule of when people will be in my room or not, at least for next week, and then I can have a better idea of when I can juggle and rearrange and go with the flow, rather than annoying the people that are there to help because I'm not needing them at that exact moment.

The rest of my kids are FABULOUS with him.  They want to be more helpful but aren't allowed due to all kinds of laws (so they and I have been told). #1 Rule, Don't touch the wheel chair. They're all so glad he's back in school and in our classroom.  They were very concerned the whole time he was gone and asked about him every day.  We're glad to have our classroom family whole again.

Here's to week two of our readjustments.  We have our mock state test to take, Math Night for families, and end of quarter assessments. (and yup, I'm in charge of all of that for the whole school!)  Let's be sure I take my correct medicine at the correct times this week!
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