Saturday, February 16, 2013

Friday Five with the 3AM Teacher on Saturday

I'm linking up with the 3 AM Teacher for her Friday FIVE, which I'm posting on Saturday... Oh well, it's getting posted :)  I've never done this linky... so I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly.  However, here goes nothin'!  

1. My favorite freebie I used this week was an idea from A Cupcake for the Teacher.  It was a Love Is... book.  Some of my kids had the BEST answers.  We used her book cover and pages from the Bubbly Blonde Teacher. I can't find her post, or the freebie on TPT, but she had super cute stationary! 

2. My favorite find for the week was walking into the church for our big fundraiser dinner and finding all the tables up with chairs and already decorated!  I know that's nothing I can share with you, but, see #4 for why this was such a big find!

3. My funny for the week came during Math on Valentine's Day.  My grade level buddy brought her 3rd graders over so we could do our fun valentine math together. (You must know she has her son in her class this year.)  We've both had lots of sick kids, so we had less than 30 combined.  We were having a ton of fun graphing and finding fractions with our candy hearts.  I had a kindergartener in my room trying to finish up some work so I was at the back table  helping him for a minute when all of a sudden the whole room erupts with laughter.  My teaching buddy proceeds to tell me that her son had said, "Hey, this heart says 'let's kiss!'" She had replied, "Ok, come here!"  My new student was turned around looking for my reaction... his eyes were HUGE.  I then had to explain that my teaching buddy was the student's mom.  That turned out to be even funnier! 

4. My frazzle for the week was our HUGE fundraiser dinner for the youth ages 12-18 at church so they can attend their summer camps... Lucky for me I'm in charge of the 12-18 year old girls so that also made me in charge of buying, prepping, and cooking the food, as well as decorations. Which meant John got to cook the spaghetti, sauce, meatballs, and veggies; while I dealt with salads, condiments, garlic bread and setting tables. I always get so stressed. Everything went relatively well, I think.  I didn't kill anyone.  Not even the kids that were throwing rocks at the glass doors!  I'm just SO glad it's OVER!

5. My feature for the week are The Piano Guys.  I LOVE them.  My class LOVES them.  In fact, they released a new video for Valentine's day that we watched to kick off our party, (didn't need all the games and books after all!) and then they spent the rest of our party time rewatching their favorites: Me and My Cello, Mission Impossible, Cello Wars, and this one...(enjoy, and you're welcome!)

Really, they just love them all, especially when they're funny!
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