Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tell Me More Linky Party

You know, there are SO many linky parties out there in teacher bloggy land!  I LOVE it! Hopefully you don't mind me linking up with all of them! It gives me things to blog about, especially since I'm NOT great at taking pictures of all of the awesome things we're doing in class.
So, today, I'm linking up with Primary Possibilities.

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 1. A random fact about my school: Our current building was built in 1999.  Before that they were still using the one room school house about 2 miles away (plus several portables).  My husband attended school in the one room school house before they needed portables. Small town living at it's finest!
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2. A sport or hobby: I bleed blue! It's a fact. Actually all 3 years of my college career I held season tickets to EVERY sort of sport on campus! Football was the one sport I never missed a game! I was always a daddy's girl and dreamed of going to BYU my whole entire life, just to make him happy.  One of my most favorite memories was flying my dad out to Utah from Indiana for the big rivalry game between BYU and UofU. It was a total surprise for him, and by far the highlight of my freshman year.  Now, that he's gone... I'm so thankful for that fabulous, dream filling weekend!
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 3.  Something that makes me Smile:  There are so many things that make me smile... but Tuffy for sure, is the one thing in my everyday life that no matter what, brings a smile to my face!

Also, this little girl (and her parents) make my life better. We get almost daily pictures and sometimes we even get to face time.  We get to go see her for spring break. I'm so excited!!! Being an auntie is the best!

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