Friday, February 22, 2013

Entertain me! Updated

Update: I learn more from collaborating (seeing, reading, and commenting) on your blogs than I did in 6 hours today. However, we played some fun games. I totally stumped my coworkers with my two lies and a truth (can you find the truth?) and I got called controlling and a dictator based in which jellybean color I picked. (which is mostly true!) Also, we had really excellent food!!! (See pictures)

I hate PD days! In my 9 years I've spent over 200 days/parts of days in PD. I'd say 10 of them have been worth my time. Today's is not looking good. I would so much rather be teaching kids or at home grading the gazillion things I've let accumulate.

How do you feel about pd? What's been you're favorite one? How often do you have pd at your school? District?

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