Friday, July 17, 2015

Vegas Baby! - Part 4 Kick Back with the Primary Pack

Friday Night was the #primarypackkickback in the Bourbon Room at the Venetian. And, just like last year, management hadn't told the employees we were coming. Ugh! I felt awful for the Primary Pack gals as the lack of communication had NOTHING to do with them and it totally wasn't their fault.  Maybe next year they can find somewhere else to kick back! ;)   I was lucky enough to see the waitresses reaction to the primary pack ladies telling her they were expecting at least 300 people.  Too bad I don't have a picture of that! Anyway, this year, the meet up lead me to meeting some of my most favorite bloggers.  There was definitely squealing involved when I realized who I was meeting! 

So without further ado, here are some of the lovelies I met. And fogive the awful lighting.  The bourbon room doesn't lend itself to great pictures! 

I don't know how/why I don't have a picture with Erica from Miss V's Kinder Kraziness she must have taken the picture but she's adorable.  And it's always fun to meet another Erica. 
Miss V's Kinder Kraziness

Megan from I Teach. What's your super power? She is seriously a blogger I reference OVER and OVER again!  Her Blog Baby Blog series is a great place to start if you haven't discovered her yet.  And seriously, when I squealed and jumped up and down that I was getting to meet her, she didn't miss a beat.  She told me to stop and gave me a great big hug.  Not gonna lie, it made me love her even more! 

I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

Dana from Prepping for the Primary Gridiron is someone I've wanted to meet for years. I first found her at her previous blog 3rd grade Gridiron and I use tons of her products in my third grade classroom. Last year I saw her, and even talked to her briefly, but psyched myself out of letting her know how much she helped me in my classroom due to the overwhelming nature of the meet up where I literally ran into her!
Prepping for the Primary Gridiron

All week long I hung out with Michelle from Teaching Ideas for those who Love Teaching. She is the cutest! I just love her bubbly personality, plus she's so REAL! She also brought her mom along to Vegas and so our mommas hung out, too.  They had a blast together.  I'm fairly certain we all made some new life long friends! 
Teaching Ideas For Those Who Love Teaching

Michelle introduced me to Jenny and Heather.  We had a great time getting to know one another and posed as crayons (of course after the giveaway #procrastinatorsunite!) for the obligatory #primarypackkickback picture. It was a ton of fun meeting everyone and hanging out! 
Luckeyfrog's Lilypad  Mrs Burgens Sign Me Up

This was when they gathered everyone together for the giveaways.  They wanted us all in the middle because the staff wouldn't give them a mic. But there was no getting to the middle with all these teachers in one place!  So we climbed up on the speakers and sat there!  We could hear and had a good view.  There were SO many awesome prizes given away.  Again, I didn't win. (My mom insists it was her presence because I'm always so lucky... so she says) But I did WIN.  I got to meet AWESOME people! 


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