Thursday, July 16, 2015

Vegas Baby! Part 3- Go Noodle Meet Up!

Have you heard of GoNoodle? Do you use it in your classroom? GoNoodle has become a daily staple in my classroom for a variety of reasons, differing between my kinders this last year and my 3rd graders the years before.

Last year in my kinder class we maxed out at least 5 different characters. They LOVE GoNoodle and a quick brain break every day, or a lifesaving indoor recess (read MOST indoor recesses EVER in my 11 years of teaching!!) provided some much needed fun and movement into our whole day of kindergarten. Their favorites were koo koo kangaroo and watching our champs grow! My third graders loved it the previous year, too! They especially loved the kidz bop and Zumba!

And I'm thrilled to try out all their new content on my incoming third graders. Have you noticed all their new content!?!? I'm SO excited about Moose tube and all the camp songs! EEK! 6 years of camp in my teen years, I know many of these songs.  

Amidst a piƱa colada and yummy snacks, I got a preview of Moose Tube and BRAND NEW KooKoo Kangaroo songs during the GoNoodle Cabanna day. SO FUN! (And yes I made my mom GoNoodle with me in the expo room, but no pics of that, sorry!)

And no, GoNoodle didn't pay me to write any of this... I'm just a GoNoodle groupie! 

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