Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Vegas Baby! Part 2- Mega Blogger Meet Up!

Wednesday was the 4th annual Teacher-Blogger Meet Up hosted by the ladies over at Blog Hoppin. This was my 4th year attending and it was amazing!  There were over 1000 teachers in one huge room.  A major improvement over last year where there were so many people in the room you couldn't move!  

I'm not going to lie, year 1 where there were maybe 40-60 of us was awesome I met almost everyone and didn't leave with a headache!  Year 2 we doubled in size and I still got to meet SO many awesome teacher bloggers.  Year 3 was complete and total chaos.  The popularity of the event skyrocketed and we tripled in size from year 2 and we were still in the same sized conference room like the previous year. #teacherstakevegas 

This year I was #880 into the room and missed out on all the swag and didn't win any of the big prizes- sad panda.  Oh well, I've received plenty of swag and won big the last 3 years so I'm not worried. But I still got to meet SO many people! 

Long story but, I didn't have my phone or camera #bloggerfail! But my new friend Michelle from Teaching Ideas for those who Love Teaching was kind enough to snap some pictures for me!

Hope is my favorite. She blogs over at Elementary Shenanigans. She was one of the very first teacher blogs I ever found and have kept reading.  She's literally the sweetest person I've ever met.  So gracious and kind.  It was fun catching up with her and hearing all about her HUGE jump to teaching 5th/6th grade at RCA this last year.  I'm looking forward to reading even more about all her awesome lessons! Thanks Hope!

Michelle insisted I needed a picture with Deanna Jump who is TPT's first teacher to earn $1,000,000.  I've chatted with her a little each year and she is so down to earth and nice.  She said she recognized me from previous years, which is oh so sweet of her.  And y'all she's a grandma!  I told her that couldn't be possible, because she couldn't be any older than I am.  Love her! 

And last but not least, I got to meet my newest friend, Kristin from Teaching in a Nutshell Designs.  She's the AMAZING lady behind my new blog design. (which I LOVE, if I haven't mentioned that lately) She is just as awesome in person as she is via emails and messages.  She's expecting a little girl before the end of the year.  I'm so excited for her, and thrilled to have a new friend!! 

I'll be back tomorrow with MORE from Vegas at the Go Noodle cabana day! 
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