Monday, July 20, 2015

100th Post and Giveaway!

Well, I've reached a small milestone on this blog.  It's my 100th post!

Now, I've been blogging for a long time, just not here on this blog.  This is actually blog #4 that I've written.  I like blogging as a journal of sorts.  I have a family blog, to keep my family up on all our adventures as we lived so far away from everyone. Like when we built our house.
Then I blogged about my dog's first year (and turned it into a book and then merged it with my family blog). I LOVE having that book with all his puppy pictures and stories in it!  Definitely the way to go! Is he not the cutest puppy ever!?!?! Many I LOVE him!
And then I blogged about our infertility issues as we spent most of 10 years of our marriage trying to overcome them before finally realizing that it just wasn't going to happen.  Thankfully, that was a freeing realization. If you want some #reallife posts... that blog contains many! But if you want to know more about those aspects of my life, you can click on those links.

Anyway, I'm happy to be sharing my teaching journey with you all, and even more importantly, learning from you all! That's why I'm here, in this space. It helps me focus on expanding my perspective and encourages me to keep learning.  Having taught at the same rural school for my entire 11 year career, I enjoy getting other perspectives and making connections. I'm forever thankful for teachers that blog and share their ideas. So, to say thank you, I'm giving away my #1 best seller in my TPT store, an editable Teacher Essentials Pack! Depending on how many entries there are, I may choose more than one winner, so share, share, share! Good luck!

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