Friday, July 12, 2013

Curriculum Planning: Help requested!

Hey everyone! I'm currently waiting while my car gets worked on, apparently we "have a problem child transmission" (mechanic's words, not mine.) 

So, to pass the time I'm working on my curriculum planning for next year with transition to CCSS and how that fits in to the programs we have at school. Lucky for me, most of the work has been done for me by the various companies that make our various programs. However, I have some logistical questions. 

So, do any of you use EnVisions Math? 

They've put out a new pacing guide, added in some (28!!!) new lessons, and went through the old lessons and put in the standard it goes with, reviews, or prepares for. It's an awesome document to have, but it brings up a lot of questions for me.  

We have 169 school days with students next year (yay for 2 more school days!)... This document says it has ~160 days worth of curriculum. Are you seeing my problem yet? 

So my questions to you are these:
Can I count on my students knowing enough to leave out the review lessons? 
Can I leave out all of the pre-teaching lessons without the fourth grade teacher suffering the next year? 
And how about the lessons that teach concepts that will be on my state test? (That are an additional 15 lessons not in the 160!) Because, yes, we still have to take the state test, on the state standards... That aren't all transitioned, yet. 

Ahhhh! Help! 

Also, anyone have HMH 2012 Journeys? It is all apparently aligned to CCSS... Yet I can't find 3rd grade standards for half of the actual concepts I'm teaching. Help? 

Finally, 6 traits of do they fit into the CCS writing standards? 

Ok, there you have it, my current quandaries. 

Thanks in advance for your help! 
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