Thursday, July 18, 2013

2nd Annual Vegas Blogger Meetup

So last year I went to the first teacher blogger meet up in Vegas. It was a ton if fun, but I wasn't a (teacher) blogger at the time, and honestly didn't read a ton of teaching blogs. But I went, talked to a couple people, and went home with a ton more blogs to read! 

Over the last year I've read all these *famous* ladies blogs and some of them I feel like I know even though I've never met them. This kind of blogger meet up is very awkward if you're not out going and willing to just talk to everyone, so I drug my sister along this year. She's not any more outgoing than I am, but she's able to push me to get out of my comfort zone. 
Here's us before the blogger meet up with our frosties in honor of what would have been our dad's 60th birthday. He was a Wendy's lover!   

The blogger meet up has been in conjunction with the SDE I Teach K conference for the last two years. 

I love reading Tanya's adventures and LOVE her products! It was also very cool for her to see my name tag and her to say "I know you!" MADE MY NIGHT!! 

April from Idea Backpack
Elvis and 

April from Idea Backpack
Amy from TPT
John, CEO of TPT 
TPT was one of the main sponsors for the night.  They provided the refreshments and prizes (A ton of TPT $10 gift cards).  Dana and I each won one!  Sweet!  I had such a great conversation with both Amy and John from TPT. It was fabulous to get to chat with them! They were extremely encouraging and so warm and inviting.  They never turned anyone away from talking with them and were honestly, just a ton of fun. Maybe one day I can work WITH them.  There's a new dream for me!

Hope King from Second Grade Shenanigans is seriously the sweetest lady EVER! I mean, you can totally tell this from her blog, which makes her even easier to approach. I also love her products. They're so well made and always cute and practical. She remembered meeting me last year, too. I'm so thankful her husband arranged for her come a midst their big move! I can't wait to hear about all of her adventures this next year. 

(Pardon the blurry picture!) Hilary Lewis from Rockin Teacher Materials that teaches at a school in the district I went to middle and high school in! So cool to meet her! 

Group picture of all the teacher bloggers. So many people I still didn't  get to meet that I had wanted to.  Next year I need to make a list of all the bloggers who have said they're going that I read and then I can check off when I meet them!  

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made this evening possible!  I'm not sure of everyone so be sure to head to the Vegas Blogger meetup After party Linky for a complete list of all of the fabulous sponsors and check out all of your favorite bloggers posts!!  I had a BLAST and can't wait to meet even more people next year! 
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