Thursday, June 27, 2013

Favorite Things Linky: Beauty Basics

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Well, I find it very ironic that I chose to join with Halle from Across the Hall in 2nd for her Favorite Things  linky on this day... y'all are talking about beauty basics and if you were to ask ANYONE that knows me IRL even if it's just an acquaintance you'd find out I'm for sure the LOWEST maintenance girl ever when it comes to beauty products.  I honestly, just don't care a whole lot about spending more time and more money on beauty products...

Until last Thanksgiving I'd never dyed my hair (and at Thanksgiving I only had highlights done). I tend to keep my hair fairly short, because if it's not short it's in a pony tail, boring! I use very few products very rarely and love a cut I can blow dry and run.

I wear ZERO make up. Other people have applied makeup to my face on a few occasions (however NOT my wedding day, I wasn't going to ruin people's clothes or my dress!) Most people think I'm crazy, but I never did learn how to apply/wear it correctly and honestly, I don't need one more thing to spend money on.  Maybe one day I will have to learn how, but for now, it doesn't bother me. So no makeup tips here.

However, I'm always getting compliments on my skin and my favorite products for my face are:
Mary Kay Velocity face wash and moisturizer.
Velocity® Lightweight Moisturizer
I also LOVE St. Ives Apricot scrub.  

Then give me some Carmex and I'm good to go! 
Unless I'm going to be out in the BLAZING sun all day and then I need some of this Banana Boat Lip balm. Sunburned lips are the WORST!
 So there you have it, the simplest 'beauty' tips you'll ever get. I know it's not what the typical person would share today, but they're my favorite beauty products!
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