Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pity Party for 1

You guys I have NOTHING to blog about and no motivation to even join in any of the awesome linky parties going on.

I'm busy summer schooling, which quite frankly is driving me crazy.  Of course I'm trying to remember all the things John would say to me if he was here to keep me calm and sane.

I hate him being gone! It's hard seeing all of the fun things you and your families are doing together this summer.  But he's already catching LOTS of salmon, so at least this year it's worth it!

I've also been indexing names so people can search their ancestors on  I just started but it's really fun, helpful to others, and takes my mind off of being all by myself.

I've also been spending time hanging out with friends and my siblings that are close.  And let's be honest... watching LOTS of episodes of West Wing and The Good Wife (two shows on amazon prime instant downloads that I LOVE!)

Also, I've been busy printing, cutting, laminating, and cutting again.  Nothing really share worthy, but it's been what's consuming most of my time.

Hopefully, I'll get out of this funk soon and be back to my spunk self... I don't like feeling sorry for myself, but I'll chalk it up to PMS, a rotten attitude day from other at school, and my husband being gone for the summer. So, I'm going to take some mental time off until I feel like blogging again... that may be tomorrow, or when John gets back, we'll see.
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