Saturday, June 15, 2013

2nd Annual Vegas Teacher/Blogger Meet UP

Are you coming? If so, click on the button above and make sure you RSVP! 

 I went last year, by myself, knowing NO ONE... Literally! I STILL can't believe I actually went.  My mom and sister walked around the Venetian (I should have made them come with me so I at least didn't look so strange sitting off by myself).

I chatted with a few people, won a few prizes, and had a BLAST.  

But this year, I want to be LOOKING for YOU there. 

Are any of you coming? Will one of you be my wing (wo)man? It would be a ton more fun this year to actually be looking forward to meeting some of you in REAL life without just being starstruck and feeling so out of my comfort zone.  

Can't wait to hear who's coming! 

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