Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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So, what I'm loving right now... 

Summer school is over on Friday and then I have all of July to "myself" (yeah right!).  I have noticed from all you fellow teacher bloggers it is rare in most of your schools/districts to get to teach summer school in your own classroom.  So I am feeling very grateful!  I started setting up my classroom for real yesterday.  I'm COMPLETELY changing it around, but I'm already LOVING how it's coming together.  I don't decorate my room.  Never have. Fairly certain I won't.  However... so many of you have such CUTE rooms... I may cave.  
Today, we set up desks and started passing out text books, notebooks, folders, etc that I already had on hand.  We didn't get all done, but we are further along then I've ever been in JUNE! I love that I had lots of willing helpers and that my husband and my sister will LOVE me for having the kids help rather than them having to do it all! LOVE! 

Also, I'm LOVING that on the fish are in full force in Bristol Bay, AK where John's fishing.  During free week (when they caught like 20 fish or something total last year) they caught 5,000lbs of fish!  Also, on day 1 of the actual season, and fishing according to AK fish and game regulations from 11am-6pm only, they caught 6,000lbs of fish!  SO THANKFUL! 

Finally, I'm loving The West Wing... as in the TV show from several years ago.  I've been watching the series on amazon prime (free streaming).  I remember really liking it when it aired... I think I may like it even more now!  It sure makes for some nice drama and background noise in my super quiet house!

So there ya have it, what I'm loving this Wednesday. 
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