Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tried it Tuesday:New Blog Readers

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So, I'm sure we're all aware that google reader is going away in less than 2 months... That means I needed a new system to manage my hundreds of blogs I read (addict much?!). I've tried out every option that's been suggested: networked blogs, bloglovin, feedly, yahoo, and several more techie people have recommended.

I'll admit, I'm fairly particular about what I need my blog reader's capabilities to be.  Able to be organized, however I choose is at the TOP of the list. I simply cannot stand not being able to categorize the blogs I read.  I have dozens of folders in each of my google reader accounts (yes I have multiple... I told you i'm a long time blogger/blog reader before I ever put teaching a blogging together!!!) and I NEED that capability moving forward. I know who each of you are and what category to find you in via my reader's organization. If I don't have that... I fear my blog reading days may be over! 

So, after trying each of the suggestions out, I have a CLEAR winner.

And,  I hate to break it to all of you that keep requesting I follow your blog via bloglovin, but I won't be reading blogs there.

I HATE it!

Strong words, yes, but it has no organizational capabilities, AT ALL. (At least not that I could find during the week I tried to use it.)

I did however find a new way to read all of your blogs that, dare I say, I LOVE even MORE than google reader. And that's feedly. It is divine! (it's also a Google chrome extension, which means it builds it into your web browsing for easy following! if you use chrome, that is.)

Do you see ALL of those different categories over on the left? (It's an illness!)

It is even easier to organize than google reader
(which is coming in handy as y'all are changing grades
1. click on the blog you want to change folders
2. choose edit
3. click in the box with the check of the folder you want to remove and
4. click in the box next to the new folder!),

Seriously, I LOVE how easy it is to organize!!!! YAY feedly!
you can save posts to read later with 1 click(the bookmark button), just like the star in google reader, and it has a clean modern feel and pretty colors (which you can customize to your liking... I'm LOVING the purple!).

Plus, I puffy heart the app for my iPhone! List view in the middle, post view on the right.  See, I told you, it's amazing!

Also, if you hurry (as in before July 1), it will import all your google reader's current settings and folders and starred posts seamlessly! 

So, go try it out! What are you waiting for?

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