Sunday, May 12, 2013

NEVER Miss out on Freebies Again!

If you already read this post, sorry! But, I've been wanting to link up with Fourth Grade Flipper for her Tried it Tuesday posts. And i figured this fit the bill. (hopefully).


Are you always on your phone or tablet, and rarely on your computer? I am ALWAYS on my iphone.  it's attached to me at all times!

Do you see all those freebie items popping up all over facebook? I'm always able to snag SO many freebies by watching facebook and staying on top of my blog reading.  It's fabulous to be able to get SO many great products for free.  (Not to worry, I've spent over $160 on tpt teacher resources this year alone! Its an illness.)

However, on one of those freebies, I saw lots of comments on how people couldn't get the freebie because they were on their phone, ipad, etc. I'm here to help you solve that problem.

Before this will work you will need to

  • A) have a google account (If you have a gmail account you have a google account) and 
  • B) download the free google drive app for your device(s).  
    • (I've also used Evernote, and i actually prefer it, but it stopped uploading my files so I couldn't get them off of my phone anymore.)

 Here's an example of how it works.

So this freebie from Suntans and Lesson Plans was available for a limited time last night, into early this morning. When I was on my phone to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day I saw this post on facebook.  
  • I clicked on it and it opened TPT within the facebook app on my phone.  
  • I needed it open in safari, so clicked the outgoing arrow and choose "open in safari". 
  • I then downloaded (downloading sometimes takes FOREVER!!) the freebie right to my phone and saw this screen: 
    • (if you can't see the 'open in google drive' button at the top, tap the screen once and it should pop up)
  • When it opens google drive, choose upload. (this step can also sometimes take FOREVER)
    • after it uploads you will see this screen: click uploads to ensure your freebie is now in that folder.
  • Then when you get online, to your google drive It will be on the main screen.  (Until you organize it into the correct corresponding folder, of course ;) 
    See my freebie about vertebrates at the bottom of the list? 

And now, you'll never have to miss out on a freebie again! (unless, of course, it is too big and won't download on your crappy 3g connection in time!) 

So, does that help you?  Does it make sense? What questions do you have? 

Did you try it out? Did it work for you? I'd love to hear from you!
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