Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Bucket List Linky

Hey everyone!  I'm linking up with Teri, Hadar, and April for the summer bucket list linky! 

Boy oh boy do I have a busy summer planned out ahead for myself!  Lots to do! My summer is split into unequal thirds.  I have separate things to accomplish during each part.

My husband started commercial fishing in the summer last year and this year he's going back.  He REALLY enjoys it, or at least that's what he's decided since he got home ;)

Pre-Fish camp third (3 weeks 1 week is over already!)

1. Submit National Board retake Entry (It's all done... just waiting for the last half to be edited!) 
2. Spend time with my husband before he leaves.  We're heading here to celebrate our 10th anniversary next week!! Wahoo! 

3. Start teaching summer school.
4. Organize all my classroom materials and find out where my holes are that need to be filled. 
5. Make my husband's 10th anniversary gift

Fish Camp third (5 weeks)

Its tradition to kiss the first fish of the season... Lucky him! 

Do you like Fresh Alaskan Sockeye Salmon?  

Biggest King Salmon to get caught in the net. 

Sunsets can be pretty there! 

Last year they helped rescue a baby beluga whale!  They were even on the news. Unfortunately, it died a few weeks later from some sort of infection. 

They also helped out this little guy! 

1. So, while John's away doing that... I want to be creating products for TN and TPT.  I've never created anything sell worthy... Not gonna lie, I'm very intimidated by all y'all! 
2. Celebrate my 30th birthday! (Seriously can't believe I'm almost 30!!!!)
3. Craft (see crocheting, earring making, vinyl cutting, etc)
4. Finish teaching summer school 
5. CLEAN and ORGANIZE my house!

Post Fish Camp third (3 weeks) 

1. Hang out with my husband maybe another Vegas overnighter trip.
2. Get my classroom ready for school
3. Get the house in order (organized, deep cleaned, uncluttered) because the next time it will really get done is Christmas! 

So there you have it, I have a very busy summer planned, but I plan on living it up! 

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