Friday, May 31, 2013

Five for Friday Summer Edition #1


Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again to sum up my week. 

Well, it's officially summer and getting REALLY hot (as in over 105 already! although my husband just got done telling me the weather app says its only 83 right now... I say it LIES!).  I've been up to a myriad of things this week most of which I've already covered with my previous posts so you're going to get 5 random things today! Here  it goes. 
  1. Spent 4 hours at the dentist.  Not for me, waiting for my husband. You see, I am TERRIFIED of the dentist.  As in, I was sitting in the waiting room for hours on Tuesday trying to talk myself out of running out of there like a crazy woman.  Thursday, when he had to go back he made me sit in the room with him and meet the new dentist, who actually is very nice, and patient.  I know its all in my head, but its hard to tell yourself that when an anxiety attack is starting.  However, I survived sitting in a dentist's office for an entire routine cleaning, without running away (although there were almost tears a couple of times) ridiculous, I know.  I should've taken pictures! 
  2. Shopping.  Oh man, did I do some SERIOUS shopping this week!  Its a VERY good thing we live 30 miles from town and don't go that often.  I got some extremely good deals, but still, money is money, which we never seem to have enough of. Here are some of the cute things I found.  At Lane Bryant I bought $300+ worth of clothes for $100 and at Old Navy we spent $17. I'm LOVING those gray capris! They're SO comfy! 
    3.  If you read my summer bucket list post, you read that my husband is going to miss my 30th (eek) birthday.  He's feeling a little guilty, I think. Anyway, yesterday he gave me my birthday present... Isn't it gorgeous!?!?! I'm in LOVE.  (now don't freak out on your husbands... you, too can have this without breaking the bank, promise... click here but don't tell anyone!)

    4. My first Donor's Choose project was funded at the beginning of the month and I requested card stock, ink, a laminator, and pouches so I could finally USE all of the resources I've had from all of YOU great bloggers out there.  This was the pile 3 weeks ago.  (mind you it GREW before it got smaller.. I just forgot to take a picture of it!)
 This is what the pile looks like now.  After lots of cutting and sorting.  It still all needs to be laminated and cut again, but seeing as the laminator isn't here yet, I have to keep making progress somehow!
 And in these envelopes are 60ish new activities for my students that I've aligned to the common core standards for 3rd grade and can't wait to have my students use in my classroom during summer school and throughout the rest of my common core teaching career.
     5. Traffic.  We had somewhere VERY important to be yesterday to support our friends.  We figured we'd leave early so we could go out to eat before hand and we knew there was construction.  Our half hour drive to town took us 75 or more minutes. It was like this for at least 10 or so miles!  Hopefully this project will be done soon (but we have 2 or 3 years more of construction as they redo a failing bridge... ugh!) Anyway, we learned our lesson and will go the back way (the old state highway before they built the interstate) for the next very long couple of years.

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