Sunday, May 5, 2013

Polymorphic Light Euruption

Apparently I have that... After LOTS more intense sun exposure then I planned I would get the last 2 weeks, I've broken out in the WORST rash. I first noticed it last Friday. But just chalked it up to a sunburn. Except it wasn't. Then Monday I was out for recess duty, and spring fling practice, Tuesday-Thursday same thing except practice was upwards of 90 minutes. Plus Thursday evening was spring fling so another 2 hours outside. Friday we had our testing incentive, outside again... By Friday after school I had a HUGE nasty rash that itched like crazy! Co-workers were telling me all kinds of things it could be. After lots of research of all of their suggested possibilities, none of them matched my symptoms. Finally, PMLE came up with pictures that looked EXACTLY like my rash. Mine is all over, face, neck, arms, legs; itchy, itchy, itchy!!!
All the symptoms matched. Hopefully, it doesn't become an all the time problem. I live in the desert. You can't exactly avoid the sun, here! So please pardon my absence as I stay inside and try not to scratch my skin off while studying for my National Board test in 2 weeks.
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