Saturday, May 25, 2013

Classroom Quick Tip Linky

Today I'm linking up with a new linky from Angela and Jean.  This one's easy.  Share one thing you do in your classroom that makes your job easier.  

I have NO pictures... I'm done with school.  However, I shared this in a comment on someone else's blog and though, hey! that's perfect for the quick tip linky.  

Do you use chart paper?  

Have you found markers that don't bleed through? Even ones that promise they don't bleed, do every once in a while.  

So here's my solution that will allow you to use whichever markers you have on hand.  When you start using your chart paper, start at the back so you always have that piece of cardboard behind your writing. No more ruined pages due to the dreaded marker bleed! Yay!  

See, quick and easy! Love it!  Thanks ladies! Be sure to click on the picture above to link up your own quick tip! 

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