Friday, May 24, 2013

Five for Friday 5-24-13


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This was the last 2 and 1/2 days of school!  What a week!  I've gotten SO much done! 

1. Last Saturday I took my retake test for National Board.  (and honestly I can't believe that was only 6 days ago!)  Afterwards we went out to lunch at The Yard House.  It was tasty! We also stopped by the Scholastic Warehouse Sale where I scored books for my classroom (over 60 books for less than $50!).  And finally we discovered an amazing little pizza place in Vegas.  So yummy!  I fear we may spend a lot of money at that place every time we leave town! 
(french dip sandwich... SO tasty!)

2. We got to hang out with this little one. She LOVED my new moose. And, lucky for him, she decided Tuffy was fun to play with again, too! 

 3. For the past 3 years on the second to last day of school we've taken the WHOLE school (half at a time) into town to go bowling.  This year they turned off the lights and turned up the music for Cosmic bowling!  SO fun!  (After all the kids come up with all kinds of money and stand in line forever for treats of course! This year I was smart and sent all of my class up at the very beginning!) 

4. Wednesday was our last day of school.  We always have had a celebration of learning where every grade level tells a little about what they learned and sings a song.  This year, we had a very special visitor, Bedilia, who's from the south and plays the same song in different variations on the piano.  (Our music teacher) The students LOVED it!   

 5. Since school's gotten out I've mostly been at school cleaning my room (very early in the morning yesterday) or home typing up my retake entry for National Board (due next week... nothing like procrastination!) That is, until tonight.  I got to head out with the girls, (my mil (mother in law), sil (sister in law), and niece) to go listen to master quilter Alex Anderson.  Do you quilt?  Do  you know who she is? My mil is a genius quilter (even though she'll say otherwise).  She made her purse, and my niece insisted in making my mil show it off.  You should've seen all the ladies that wanted pictures of this purse!  It was awesome!  I know nothing about quilting, but it was fun to listen to her speak and see all of her beautiful quilts! Embarrassing, but true story: At one point in time during her presentation she asked if there were any teachers in the audience, so I raised my hand... yeah she meant quilting teachers (apparently there is such a thing).  Oops! My sil and I laughed and laughed at my mistake.  

LOVED this bow-tie quilt! So colorful and fun! 

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