Thursday, August 1, 2013

Currently, August

I'm linking up with Farley for another month's Currently. 

I can't believe it's August and time to go back to school already! 

Listening: Johns watching one of his NASCAR documentaries. This one features my favorite driver so I don't mind watching, too.  :) Oh the things we decide to like so we don't always argue with our spouses! 

Loving: I'm going to do a great big post about my teacher planner I designed and had printed, that I'm planning to put in my TPT shop as my first paid product! Exciting stuff! 

Thinking: I'm not looking forward to my summer being over. I've gotten so much done, but I'm not sure it's enough. 

Wanting: I'm fairly certain we've all had those times when nothing feels right about what may be coming in the future. I just need some clarity and a plan then I won't feel so unsettled. Not that I have anything in particular planned, but I'm thinking that may be the problem. 

Needing: to spend some serious hours in my classroom. I'm just not letting myself, until Monday because I don't want summer to be over! 

My b2s must haves: (I'm probably not following the rules here, but these are my MUST haves!)
John...he's so wonderful and spends hours in my classroom setting things up and moving things around and generally helping me out. LOVE HIM! I for sure wouldn't be ready for school in a week if I didn't have him around and don't want to think about ever getting ready without him!
Pens... Every teacher needs great pens. My favs are the zebra flight pens
Sharpies... I use sharpies for everything! Can't wait until I get to buy some new ones! 
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