Sunday, August 2, 2015

#2getherwearebetter Linky- August: Bulletin Boards

Good morning from Indiana!  Yes I'm on vacation linking up with two of my long time bloggy favorites.  I know you all know them and I'm so excited to be joining them because I truly believe that #2getherwearebetter!

So be sure to hop over and visit Ashley and Angie and link up your bulletin boards! 

Lucky Little Learners

So, on to bulletin boards!

In and outside of my classroom, I use whatever space I have to share our learning.  I firmly believe that things created by my students teach my students the most! For example, these homophone posters.  They were given a pair of homophones and had to use each one correctly in a sentence and then illustrate it.  They turned out great! This was one of those "fly by the seat of my pants" creations my first year teaching third grade that has turned into one of my favorite activities.

Space is a premium in all of our classrooms.  One year I used this corner of my room as my writing center.  I was small, but provided LOTS of great resources for my kiddos.

I currently have one of the smallest hallway bulletin boards in the building.  But at least I have something!  I use our surrounding green wall as an extension bulletin board, too. 

To be completely honest with you, #realtalk, I HATE coming up with bulletin boards for the hallway, and I promise, anything cute came from TPT!  I don't cover my board with paper or fabric PLUS I don't change out my boarder!  Don't hate me. 

This cute New Year's bulletin board project I won on from Just Wild About Teaching several years ago.  I have done this project several times.  My kiddos love it and I get LOTS of compliments on it!

These Martin Luther King Jr. projects were a directed art project my partner teacher did with all the third grade kiddos.  I love how they turned out.  They're so unique to each kid!  SO fun!

This door was done by my momma.  Anything cute bulletin board wise that has the background done and is cohesive was done by her!  I'm excited to have her back around this year to enjoy her doing my bulletin boards and door again this year! She already has grand plans!!

This FREEBIE from Learning is Something to Treasure is SO cute!  It's perfect for my third graders and I LOVE how summery they look on my board! Get it here.

My third graders LOVE doing Farley's Currently, just as much as I do.  And honestly, when I need a quick switch in my bulletin board and don't have time for an elaborate project, it's PERFECT to hang in the hallway!  
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